Our Story

Ismaya Group proudly introduces Colette & Lola. A cakes and dreams concept inspired by the tale of two whimsical sisters driven by their love of all things sweet.

Colette and Lola, two french sisters who are so much alike and yet so different. Each unique in their own way but share a similar passion- exquisite cakes. While both sisters are witty and fun, one loves sweet rich flavors, while the other light and sour. One thinks about texture, while the other concentrates on presentation. They complement one another and share the same dreams filled with delicious adventures.

With dark bitterness in the world, their dream is to find ways to share happiness and sweeten people's lives. Using the best ingredients, a dash of love and spoonful of dreams, they've created a collection of delicious cakes for every taste bud and every occasion.

Take a bite and experience a taste of Colette & Lola's sweet dreams. May the tale of cakes and dreams continue with you....