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Rp. 320,000

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Bahasa Indonesia

Ketagihan karena cokelat?

Tak ada yang bisa memuaskan hasratmu akan cokelat selain sponge cake cokelat yang lembab dan dilapisi dengan krim hazelnut, karamel almond, dan cokelat ganache

Hati-hati dengan gunungan permen cokelatnya yang bisa membuatmu makin ketagihan!



Going mad for chocolate?

Nothing will satisfy a chocolate craving like this rich, moist chocolate sponge cake, layered with hazelnut cream, almond caramel  and chocolate ganache.

The mountain of chocolate candy on top will make you go crazy for this cake!

Hazelnut cream, Chocolate sponge, Almonds, Caramel, Chocolate ganache, Oreo cookies, Kit Kat, Bueno, Chik Chok, Chocolate macaron

Portion Sizing


Portion sizing can vary depending on your needs, below is our reccomed portions for each cake size


Round 20cm (diameter): 8-12 slices

10cm x 20cm: 5-8 slices

20cm x 20cm: 10-12 slices

20cm x 30cm: 30 slices

30cm x 40cm: 60 slices

40cm x 60cm: 120 slices

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